We are dedicated to meet our clients requirements by supplying them exceptional health professionals that can provide the expected care quality services. We recruit newly qualified and experienced Nurses, as well as, Health Care Assistants from Portugal, . Our aim is to offer our clients the very best dynamic and skilled professionals that can fulfil the high demand of care standards of the NHS and the Private Care Organisations.  

Our Portuguese Nurses

Portuguese Nurses are exceptionally trained in a vast number of nursing areas such as 

  • Surgical
  • Medical 
  • Comunity 
  • Paediatrics, 
  • Mental health, 
  • Urgent and acute care

Our Healthcare Assistants

Portuguese Health Care Assistants are valuable, enthusiastic and highly motivated professionals that have the ability to work in a various range of health care settings by embracing their expertise indispensable role in a vast range of settings, including hospitals, doctors' surgeries and the community. 

 We believe these are reliable professionals that can play a markable role within the British health sectors and will surely make the difference to the lives of patients and clients as their enthusiasm, passion and commitment to nursing is hard to come by.  


Employers Submit Vacancies

IR HEALTH PESONNEL is an exceptional International Nurses Recruitment Agency. They helped us filed a nurse role that was proving difficult to be filled. They supplied us with a portuguese nurse that is working with us as part of our team. We will definitely use them again for our recruiting needs

- Mr. Marvis

Care home Manager, London